// The end of adam couple? This is the real beginning.//

It must have been a couple of months ago?

Many people have speculated that the adam couple run is coming to a close, that they are leaving. “Now the longevity of adam couple is coming to an end”. “7 to 8 months has been too long a time” and many other comments by people have been made. especially since the incident of the navy ship sinking, adam couple cuts have been severely pushed back. not only that, there were rumors of PD stopping all recordings for adam couple. for a moment the atmosphere surrounding the couple looked dismal.

at the same time, there were news of sweet potato and khuntoria couple recording for their cuts.

but now… adam couple, just like how it used to be, is still the number 1 couple that cannot be absent from WGM. even though the status of sweet potato couple has been stablised, and khuntoria couple has found security in their couplehood, comparing a combined effort of these two couples, they are still unable to catch up to adam couple’s level of mutual emotional understanding and realness.

since last week’s kiss scene, many people have been showing concern for adam couple. they have “broken the taboo of WGM”, “there’s no space for them to develop further”, and many other worries. however… my thoughts are exactly contrary. from the way i see it, the bobo between adam couple can hardly be described as “taboo”.

perhaps we’ve forgotten about the predecessor of WGM kiss, andy and solbi?

and perhaps also forgotten, they were one of the earliest couple to leave WGM. we have already seen couples that surpassed the level of the ant-solbi couple. from what i know, their kiss on the show never managed to garner that much interest or attention.

the reason being that the ant-solbi couple were progressing way too fast, and conversely, adam couple’s bobo was way too slow, and had been a long drawn out affair before they finally kissed. this is almost like how a real couple seeing each other might behave, such a sincere kiss by a couple naturally wins more attention.

whatever it may be, when a couple meets each other after they have kissed, they will surely experience an odd atmosphere. even though after they met each other again there was awkwardness to a certain degree, it only lasted for a couple of minutes. both of them enjoyed each other’s company, ga in even shouted at kwon “after you’ve seen my bare face don’t you dare break up with me, or i’ll kill you YAHHHHHH!!!”

two thoughts surfaced from this scenario.

firstly, “are they really seeing each other”? such thoughts definitely come to mind. but even though imagination may run wild, and we could also view it more from a variety point of view than a serious one. but from the couple’s skinship and their longing looks at each other, it almost doesn’t make sense to say that they’re not dating for real.
however, it may also be part of their acting. but the feeling given that they are indeed dating is so intense. even if they are not dating, i believe the reason would be their fear of being reprimanded if they try to.

secondly, there is still so much promise for this couple. many people have asked “what’s there left after the bobo?” this is definitely a very meaningful question. why must they achieve a so-called “next level” after the kiss? when a couple dates and kiss, are they really obliged to take their relationship to the next level?

in fact when we watch a couple kiss in movies, what happens next really only exists in movies. in real life, after a couple kisses, they still lead their lives as usual, and things between the couple do not change instantaneously.

even if there are no events between adam couple, just by watching the two of them chatting all day long is enough to radiate their closeness as a couple. there are still so many places the couple hasn’t been to. the couple hasn’t travelled together with friends (not too sure if it means with friends or just the two of them alone) and just like how the preview shows for next week’s episode, a simple spring cleaning event is made enjoyable and interesting by the adam couple.

as of now, their skinship has reached a certain level, and their feelings for each other is also out in the open. this is no longer recording for a variety programme, this has in fact been a journey of understanding a man-woman relationship for the adam couple, and therefore this couple definitely weighs so much more status in the show.

the couple hasn’t met each others’ parents (all couples in season 1 have done so) not only that, their new housewarming has not been accomplished yet. also, there are hardly any couples that move as frequently as them. in a new house, there are things to be done, just like how other real couples will gradually settle down, and naturally provide the right atmosphere and time for events to be prepared and carried out for each other.

their double date with khuntoria couple is also a good example of establishing the adam couple’s status.

as someone who likes seohyun personally, in terms of the couplehood, i like adam couple the most. i’m still a tad worried for the future of adam couple.

however, the atmosphere between the adam couple has changed. after their kiss, their feelings for each other has reached a different level. 

the feisty ga in is now more feminine, the petty jo kwon is now manlier. when the personalities of the 2 parties change, more stories will unravel between them.

although we’ll never be sure how long they’ll continue their run, judging by their current status on the show, i’d dare say a further 6 month stint is possible. not only that, having only 20 minutes of air time, the possibility of them lasting much longer is even greater.

even if the adam couple is travelling down slope or having fun on top of the hill, they are still a long way off from reaching the end of their journey.

ga in and jokwon now possess a different side of themselves, and their new feelings will sustain.

let us hope they will show us even more enjoyable times ahead. 

source : http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=876020131

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